Earth Building Workshop: Harnessing the power of Super-Adobe and sustainable building techniques

Earth Building Workshop Knysna: 2024

  • DATE: 22 – 27th January 2024
  • Location: Gouna, Knysna
  • Course Cost: R3222.00
  • Trainer: Quintin Christian – Founder of Eco Domes Africa

The 6 day workshop will be introducing super Adobe and rammed earth technology with hands on experience in building domes and straight walls, we will be building a one bedroom dwelling using Superadobe. The course will be using local materials like sand, clay and timber and the various techniques that can be used, students will receive real world training on how to build with earth, everything from understanding your local earth and how to get the best out of it, to more advanced techniques, natural plastering with clay soil and the importance of eco-friendly building techniques, with expertise of Quintin Christian founder of eco domes africa who studied at cal earth and has built many succesfull projects in africa and globally.

Participants on sustainable building techniques including super-adobe construction.

  • To provide hands-on experience under the guidance of an experienced trainer.
  • To foster a community of eco-conscious individuals who can contribute to sustainable construction projects.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Earth Building and Super-Adobe Technique
  • Mixing and Testing Soil
  • Understand geometry and compression
  • How to use a compass

Day 2:

  • Site building formwork, Preparation and Foundation Work
  • Site marking
  • Super-Adobe Bags and Installation

Day 3:

  • Wall Construction

Day 4:

  • Plastering

Day 5:

  • Project Work and Supervision by Quintin Christian
  • Group Discussions and Feedback

Day 6:

  • Finalising Projects
  • Project specific Q&A
  • Closing Ceremony

This workshop is for architects, builders, students and enthusiasts who want to train in super-adobe building with earth.