Permaculture organic gardening.

We also have an amazing collection of heirloom seeds which we grow to continue the strands and use for barter/trade and sale. Restoring and upgrading an existing sandbag house. Reforestation and reclamation of wattle infested land. Building what’s your furniture chairs hammocks tables etc. Plant and animal identification. We have been blessed with a wide variety of birds dragon and mayflies frogs fireflies small mammals and reptiles. Our area is currently being considered for protection within the national park due to the high degree of biodiversity. We are blessed with both fynbos and indigenous Forest biomes in our area. There is much we can learn and contribute towards expanding the healthy areas of the garden route. The California of Africa, an Eden we fortunate to be a part of.


Sustainable Learning Center

Forest Harmony is a solar powered, eco-conscious leave-no-trace space – we even cook with the sun.

Yoga and Meditation, Natural Building and Permaculture are intrinsically built into our everyday life.

Specialists are invited to run workshops and host retreats in a supportive environment. Forest Harmony can accommodate 16 to 20 people and provides full catering service – Food is seasonly sourced from our organic gardens where possible.

We are pet- and family friendly and are open to barter- and exchange systems. Our aim is to create a platform to support this growing movement of like-minded spaces and communities worldwide.

Forest Harmony is situated an hour and a half from George Airport and 20 minutes from Knysna, making it the perfect workshop space which is central to the whole garden route.

Our focus as an Eco-Training Center is self-sovereignty
and living in harmony with nature.

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knysna forest accommodation | accommodation in knysna | accommodation knysna forest | teepee accommodation | geodome accommodation

Projects We Are Working On

we are currently constructing Huggle beds to put in an orchard or food forest of avocados mangos citrus apples and nuts etc. We are looking to plant at least 100 trees for food security and barter/trade/exchange. This will, of course, be an ongoing project but we intend putting in our first batch of trees in September 2019.

Beekeeping, large forest fires in 2017 and 18 decimated bee populations, we are very excited to be introducing hives into our area and learning how to look after bees.

Either later this year or in early 2020, we will begin building an eco-home with mixed technologies such as clay, water, glass bricks, rocks and as many other locally available materials as we can use to construct an earth-friendly humanely comfortable house.